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Accepting Limitations


Toward the end of her life, mystic, social activist and founder of the Catholic Worker movement Dorothy Day was sidelined by physical ailments. No doubt her infirmity challenged her patience. Dorothy rose above her limitations by discovering that her vocation was to pray for the world and for justice. We can pray for patience, not passivity, discovering what we can do within the limitations of our lives, remembering our limitations are also the womb of possibility.


God of restlessness
and calm,

I pray for peace
in my heart
and in the world.

I pray for calm
in the stormy seas
of pandemic.

I pray for patience
with what I cannot change
nd passion
and protest
for what I can.

Let me recognize
that within the limitations

that the pandemic
places on my life,

there are still
many possibilities to pursue

in the quest to be
your companion
in healing the world.



For whom am I called to pray today? Where do I feel most impatient? How can I use my feelings of impatience as a catalyst for personal or social change? From my answers to these questions, let me act forthrightly and wisely.

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