Minute Meditations

The Spirit Opens Our Hearts

The Holy Spirit accomplishes the revelation of God in all those who through faith have opened their lives to everything Jesus wishes to reveal. The Holy Spirit doesn’t simply illuminate the mind to see the truth of Jesus’s words and the meaning of his deeds; the Spirit opens the very being of the believer to experience God in a genuine encounter of love. The revelation of God happens within: It is an all-encompassing recognition that one now participates in the same loving communion as that of God’s Son. While this may be terrifying to consider, it is nonetheless the truth to which Jesus came to testify. The Father longs to speak and relate to us as one friend speaks and relates to another. And within the context of this interior revelation fired by the Holy Spirit, we are able to fully know Jesus as the Father and the Spirit know him.

— from the book Inspired: The Powerful Presence of the Holy Spirit
by Fr. Gary Caster

Inspired: The Powerful Presence of the Holy Spirit


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