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Nothing to Defend

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“Every kingdom divided against itself becomes a desert, and house falls on house” (Luke 11:17)

At the time of Francis, Italy was not a united nation, but numerous city-states, each with its own ruler and militia. Francis was well-acquainted with constantly warring factions, often backed by one Church official or another. He understood the futility of relying on human strength and weapons. We have so much in our lives that we feel we need to defend. It can lead us to live in constant fear. If we have nothing to defend, we have room to discover the providence and the peace that relying on God alone brings to our lives.

The brothers often asked the advice of the Bishop, who received Francis with kindness, but said: “It seems to me that it is very hard and difficult to possess nothing in the world.” To this blessed Francis replied: “My Lord, if we had any possessions we should also be forced to have arms to protect them, since possessions are a cause of disputes and strife, and in many ways we should be hindered from loving God and our neighbor. Therefore in this life we wish to have no temporal possessions.” 

—from the book Lent with St. Francis: Daily Reflections
by Diane M. Houdek

Lent with St. Francis


2 thoughts on “Nothing to Defend”

  1. Alfonso sotomayor Gonzlez

    Excelente Reflexión diaria!… Bendiciones desde la Fraternidad local Ofs San Benito de Palermo Medellín Colombia 🇨🇴… Abrazo Fraterno de Paz y Bien!

  2. Though RCC had taken away my properties by forged deed, I thank God for that, as I’m free for Jesus’ work. So I’m engaged in Islampur Muslim mission, where Muslims invited us to preach peace, when there was a riot killing 28 people. But the spiritless RCC church nearby shrugs off responsibility, though they have sent lone me there. But celibate for Jesus sake me have taken on the duty to preach Jesus on my own resources there through 40 years by the medium of my charitable dispensaries. Alas! I also failed to produce any fruit there still now. But I’ve resolved to carry on the efforts through my dispensaries untill the last breath.

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