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Call on Your Guardian Angel

The main thing is to be aware of the angels around you—and get in the habit of calling upon them for little favors. Invoke them silently as you begin each conversation, as you dial the phone, as you start to reply to an e-mail. Ask them to give you the right words. Ask them to help you avoid words that can damage your relationships and compromise your Christian witness. And don’t stop asking the angels to keep you safe and healthy! Go ahead and call upon your angel every time you start your car or cross a busy street. We can’t help but be self-interested; it’s our nature. But grace builds on nature. If our natural desire for safety brings heavenly assistance ever to our minds, that’s a very good thing. It builds a habit of drawing near to the angels, and that’s a habit that can only help us as we go through life and face other perils: temptations to immorality, temptations against faith, temptations to say hurtful things.Our angels are always there, always doing their best to keep us on the path to heaven. But there’s one place in particular where Christians meet the angels—and meet them as equals.

– from Mike Aquilina, author of the book
Angels of God: The Bible, the Church and the Heavenly Hosts

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5 thoughts on “Call on Your Guardian Angel”

  1. Hi my name is John Paul, from Africa, all my life I have never meet an angel ,I only rely to God for everything, I need help in less than 10 hours now and I begin to call an angel to tell God for me to answer me this only thing I ask. I hope you seniors will beckon one this hour love you, bye.

  2. Hey I looked at other websites and I wanna call my guardian angel.. I’m Amelia and I am always joyful not always, I’m a friendly person..😀😇👼

  3. how can we know the name of the angel?
    what are the signs that occur when angels are around us?
    how to summon an angel? can you give a step by step method?

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