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Be Curious

Albert was curious, and you know what curious people do: They ask questions. They do research. And, often, they love teaching as a means of sharing what they’ve learned. Albert’s curiosity is breathtaking. He conducted research into virtually every known natural science, outdoors and in the laboratory, and took the same considered approach to questions about the life of the Blessed Virgin, to whom he was devoted. The Dominican was a respected instructor at numerous European colleges, and one of his students, Thomas Aquinas, would become a close friend. Like Thomas Aquinas, Albert is a Doctor of the Church. As happens far too often, Albert’s intellect failed him in his later years; he may have suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. Curiosity isn’t a bad thing. Albert used his own wisely, and carefully noted what he had and had not been unable to prove. Asking questions often can lead us to a deeper understanding, not a rejection, of our faith.

— from Brotherhood of Saints: Daily Guidance and Inspiration,
by Melanie Rigney




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