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Seeking God with Sister Rose: Prayers for David

I remember my brother, David, every time I stop and wait in traffic for a red light to change. Now, you would be surprised how this works for me. David entered into eternal life October 14, 2016, and I was determined to remember him more in prayer, so I devised a way: Every time I need to stop for a red light in traffic, I think of David and pray, “Eternal Rest Grant Unto him, O Lord.” And that’s it!

I don’t linger on it or recall anything else about David. I pay attention then solely to the traffic light. I can’t tell you how many times this past year that is the first thing which comes to mind when I stop and wait for a light to change to green. This plan may not work for those who think on and on (thus, taking their attention away from their current traffic situation).

Then, you may need to think of a different way to help trigger your memory and heart toward a loved one or any type of memory/situation you would choose. I would love to hear about ways you have found to pray during the everyday moments of your busy life. Post a comment below to share your prayer practice.

Our God is in every moment…past, present and to come. We need only to remember to “pray it forward” more often.

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