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Seeking God with Sister Rose: Angels I Have Met

Have you ever met an angel—or at least thought you had? I would like to share with you two encounters.

Angel #1: On my way to church one morning, in a poorer section of the city, I was approached by a scary-looking gentleman who looked at me and said, “Please have your brakes on your car checked.” I nodded and walked away. That very day, I took my car in (just in case) and, sure enough, the mechanic said, “Good thing you brought your car in. Your brakes needed work.”

The next day, I came early into that same church, and, kneeling at the altar, was the same scary-looking man, hands folded praying to God with a single ray of sunlight coming through the church’s stained-glass window shining directly on him. Before Mass began and before people started coming in, the gentleman was gone.

I didn’t see him leave. I think I met an angel. There’s no doubt in my mind!

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Angel #2: While driving on the highway, I saw a tailpipe in my lane, but I didn’t have room to avoid it, and I drove over it. Immediately, my car started slowing down. I was panicking and, thankfully, I was able to pull into a rest stop area nearby. There was one truck there with its driver working underneath it. He approached me and said, “I saw that obstruction in the road, and it looked like an accident waiting to happen. I’m a mechanic. I’ll take a look under your car.”

With that, he got underneath my car. After a little while, he came to me and said, “How far do you need to go?” I said that I would reach my destination in five miles. He said that I would make it that far, but I should get my car fixed soon. I think I met an angel. What are the odds of my encountering a mechanic who knew how to help me?

God sends angels to protect us. We just have to be open to them.

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