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Prayers to Saint Anthony of Padua

It is a venerable Christian tradition to turn in prayer to Anthony of Padua—and to other saintly men and women already enjoying the glorious presence of God. Of course, we are encouraged to pray to Saint Anthony and to God in our own words. At times, however, you may find it convenient to use prayers that are addressed to Saint Anthony and already in popular use. The following seven prayers to him are related to specific circumstances and needs. You may find them helpful in your personal devotion to the saint.

Prayer to Find What Is Lost

Since your death, Saint Anthony, the Lord has worked countless wonders and answered the prayers of countless people because of your loving prayer for them. Those who have experienced the power of prayer offered through you have told how God was pleased to help them in their need, restoring peace of mind, healing the sick, or finding what was lost, spiritual or material. Now in our need we ask you to pray for each of us that we might continue to share in God’s loving care and protection and through you be drawn to eternal life.


Prayer to Saint Anthony Holding the Child Jesus

Blessed Anthony, Jesus was the center of your life. It must be the same for me, as for every Christian. Your purity of soul, your humility, your simple radiant faith fits well with the gentle and humble Savior, who was a little child to his Father in heaven. Help us to give up our desire for power and control. Keep us from a merely intellectual faith, and may we be totally dependent on Jesus as you were, with the helplessness of a little child. Amen.


Prayer to St. Anthony Holding the Bible

Blessed Anthony, the Lord made the Scriptures a glowing flame in your mind and heart. Your sermons were filled with the words of the Lord. With the same reverent openness as you had, may we listen to the same Lord speaking to us in the Bible. May we feel the presence of Jesus in the Scriptures, just like the people of your day when you preached that Word to them.


Prayer to Saint Anthony with the Burning Flame

Saint Anthony, we marvel at your enthusiasm, especially in your years of preaching. Your hours of prayer set you on fire to use your great talent in tireless preaching, even though it damaged your health in your last days. May our devotion to you awaken our cold hearts, sated with the creature comforts and distractions of our day. May the presence of Jesus in our prayer warm us to genuine love for others. Give us the courage and ardor to stand for the truth, whatever the cost.

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Prayer to Saint Anthony Holding a Lily

Saint Anthony, you were truly spoken of by Jesus when he said, “Blessed are the pure of heart, the single-minded.” Your faith and love of Jesus led you to respect and honor God’s beautiful creation, our bodies, made in the image of Jesus. Your mind and heart were free of all double-dealing with God and with your brothers and sisters. His love shone through you as through crystals. Help us also to be pure of heart and mind, with wholehearted love of God.


Prayer to Saint Anthony Holding a Cross

Saint Anthony, before sinners and saints you raised the cross to give us courage in suffering, to be our only hope of salvation, and to be a sign of the price God paid to show us his love. You always preached penance—a turning away from anyone and anything that separates us from God, even slightly. You put the First Thing first—the dying of Jesus, given to us that we might enter into his spirit as he died—and his Resurrection, which he wills to share with us. Help us to die to sin, large and small, and by this dying to be lifted up in grace, once and for all, as we die many times throughout our days.


Prayer to Saint Anthony, Instrument of Justice and Peace

Saint Anthony, during your life you imitated Saint Francis of Assisi in his love for gospel poverty and the poor. While you desired little for yourself, you were constantly alive to the needs of the poor and little people of the world. You shared what you had with them and demanded justice for them. We ask now, in your name, that we may not be overly desirous of wealth or possessions. May we share what we have with others less fortunate. Make us always instruments and voices for peace and justice in our world.

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