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Feeding Our Spirits

Tending to our spiritual needs brings all the facets of our being into harmony.

Have you ever caught yourself daydreaming during a conversation, realizing you haven’t heard a word? Perhaps you were thinking about work, a sick relative, or even the crazy state of the world. Before you go on a guilt trip, remember that you are human and sometimes it takes a conscious effort to be present—to stay tuned-in to spirituality.

The three aspects of our whole being—body, mind, and spirit—are as distinct as they are intertwined. Spirituality can be expressed in many ways, including relationships with God, our family and friends, and with God’s creations. Spirituality can also be expressed through the arts: literature, painting, sculpture, and music. Tending to our spiritual needs brings all the facets of our being into harmony.

Our connection with God, ourselves, and one another is strengthened when we refocus on our spirituality. Additionally, we find inner peace and purpose in our lives. When we are spiritually sound, we tend to be more content and better able to handle hardships, both mentally and physically. Conversely, if we are filled with negative emotions, it often leads to physical fatigue and lack of sleep, which can affect us spiritually.

As Catholics, we express spirituality through prayer, reading Scripture, the sacraments, and meditation. But spirituality can also be found in nature. That is reason enough to be outside and exercise, relax, and breathe the fresh air!

Ways to cultivate and practice spirituality:

  • Prayer, meditation, reflection, and the sacraments.
  • Seek a mentor or someone in the faith community who inspires you.
  • Nurture friendships with people whose spirituality you admire.
  • Read stories about the saints.
  • Listen to religious music or hymns.
  • Visit holy places such as churches, chapels, or shrines.

Refocusing on our spirituality deepens our understanding of God, ourselves, and our role in the world. In a holistic sense, we cultivate inner peace and harmony when take care of ourselves spiritually. By leading a holistic lifestyle, we can break from the external and appreciate what lies within.

Other ways to nurture spirituality:

  • Do breathing exercises.
  • Meditate.
  • Spend time surrounded by nature.
  • Spend quality time with those you love.
  • Volunteer.
  • Take up painting or drawing, or visit a museum.
  • Explore new types of music.
  • Be thankful.

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