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A Morning Prayer

We begin with a simple idea. It goes like this: God speaks as softly as possible and as loudly as necessary.

Good morning, God. You come speaking to us with this new day. You speak softly as we try to listen but you are speaking as loudly as necessary. Sometimes we say, “What did you say? We can’t hear you.” And you speak again softly as possible but as loudly as necessary. You are with us this day. You spoke softly and gently as the cold air blew in our face early this morning. You will speak as loudly as necessary in the instructions of our teachers.

We come to listen in this moment of prayer, this moment of quiet. It is the opening of this day. You greet us with your quiet presence. We welcome you. We ask you to make us good listeners and hearers in your soft and loud voice. We can do your will if we hear. We come this day to listen. Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.

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