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101 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Along with graduations and weddings, June also brings the annual celebration of Father’s Day in many countries as a day set aside to honor and pay special tribute to dads. A father’s gifts of love, time, care-taking, advice, wisdom, financial support, understanding, coaching, teaching and forgiveness can be acknowledged, appreciated, celebrated and reciprocated.

This special day provides children and families with the opportunity to shift focus from the usual priorities of busy life to giving special attention to “dad” by sharing precious time and/or giving gifts that show appreciation and love.

Father’s Day exists in many countries throughout the world to honor and commemorate fathers or forefathers. Father’s Day in some countries is celebrated on St. Joseph’s Day, March 19, though in most countries Father’s Day is a secular celebration.

Among the countries that observe Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June include: Argentina, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, France, India, Pakistan, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, the Netherlands, Peru, the Philippines, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States and Venezuela.

Since so many gifts have been given by fathers, it seems natural to want to give gifts in return, and Father’s Day can be one special occasion to give gifts. Material gifts, such as a new tie or wallet, are concrete ways to “show” appreciation. But there are numerous ways to give gifts that allow time and experiences to be shared and provide opportunities for new experiences and growth.

In our overbooked, time-scarce days, just sharing time and/or offering to lend a hand surpass any monetary or material gifts. Listed below are 100 gift suggestions to help make this Father’s Day extra special.


Something to do (for him or both of you to do together) 
– Take a trip to the ball park to watch his favorite team.
– Play a game of Whiffle ball.
– Bowl a few games together.
– Go fishing for a day.
– Rent a canoe or kayak.
– Buy tickets to see a favorite performer.
– Go see a movie together.
– Spend an afternoon at the beach.
– Pay for golfing greens fees.
– Make a regular date for a meal out.
– Share a retreat weekend.
– Take a vacation together.
– Sign him up for a class he has always wanted to take.
– Give me lessons on the computer.
– Offer to help or to paint a room in his home.
– Take him shopping for a few new summer shirts.
– Make his favorite meal for Father’s Day.
– If he has a garden, help him to weed.
– Attend Mass together and then share Sunday brunch.
– Watch a sports game with him.
– Plan a family picnic.
– Toss and catch, like old times.
– Shoot some hoops with him.


Something he needs
– Gift certificate to his barber shop.
– Car-care gear.
– A sturdy new tool kit.
– A new umbrella.
– A watch.
– A new belt.
– A colorful tie.
– A few boxes of handkerchiefs.
– A heavy duty flashlight (and batteries).
– Sandals for the summer.
– A new razor.
– His favorite aftershave.
– Computer software.
– Reams of paper.
– Ink cartridges for photos and photo paper.
– Office supplies, like stamps and notepads.
– A new fishing pole.
– A new pair of running/walking shoes.
– An iPod or small radio to listen to music, games and talk radio.
– CDs from his era of music.
– A bookstore gift certificate.
– A new grill.
– A recipe book for the grill.
– Golf club(s), putter.
– A magazine subscription.
– A pair of really cool sunglasses.
– A camera or accessories.
– A hammock.
– A new bike and helmet.
– A CD/DVD player.


Gifts that show honor, love and caring
– Send a Catholic e-Greeting.
– Request to hear about and write down some of his boyhood memories in a journal for keeping.
– Recount important lessons he has taught over the years.
– Write a thank-you note for the coaching, parents’ nights, support, etc., given
– Buy a new Bible, and include a special note.
– Make a quilt for chilly nights.
– Make a pillow for his favorite chair.
– Plan a tree in his honor.
– Make a donation to one of his favorite causes.
– Mow the lawn as a surprise now and then.
– Call him more often.
– Invite him over more often.
– Ask for his advice once in a while.
– Tell him you love him.
– Ask him his opinion.
– Ask him to teach you something you do not know how to do.
– Frame and hang a favorite picture of him in your home.
– Have an updated extended photo done.
– Forgive him for any harm done, as he was doing the best he knew how to do.
– Say grace in his honor.


Something for kids to do for dad or grandpa
– Make his favorite cookies.
– Bake and decorate a cake.
– Paint a picture of a favorite place.
– Draw a picture of your family.
– Write a letter about why you love him.
– Make him breakfast in bed.
– Buy him some comfy slippers.
– Offer to do extra chores.
– Make an effort to do chores when asked.
– Make a family book with photos and mementoes.
– Take him on a walk.
– Bring him to a movie.
– Send him a special Catholic e-card.
– Read to him.
– Write a poem dedicated to him.
– Sing a song for him.
– Tell him he’s the BEST dad in the whole wide world.
– Go for a bike ride with him.
– Give him a t-shirt with the logo of his favorite team.
– Go on camping trip.
– Go for a hike together.
– Share a hot fudge sundae.
– Tell him you love him.


And last, but certainly not least, something spiritual:
– A copy of the “Prayer of St. Francis.”
– A book about the spiritual life of Thomas Merton.
– A daily meditation book.
– A visit to a nearby shrine.
– Starting Father’s Day by attending Mass together and then sharing a special meal.

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