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Share Your Light This Christmas

Every morning before I start to work, I read “the next paragraph” in my Bible at work. On December 6, the feast of Saint Nicholas, my “next paragraph” in Matthew 15:33 was of Jesus feeding the 5,000.

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Seeking God with Sister Rose: Angels I Have Met

Have you ever met an angel—or at least thought you had? I would like to share with you two encounters.

Angel #1: On my way to church one morning, in a poorer section of the city, I was approached by a scary-looking gentleman who looked at me and said, “Please have your brakes on your car checked.” I nodded and walked away. That very day, I took my car in (just in case) and, sure enough, the mechanic said, “Good thing you brought your car in. Your brakes needed work.”

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Seeking God with Sister Rose: ‘Lord, Give Me a Sign!’

My parents died within two weeks of each other many years ago. Dad, who never smoked, had terminal lung cancer. Mom had a limb removed due to diabetes and was on kidney dialysis. I was so brokenhearted and wanted a sign from God. I wanted to see a bluebird—a symbol of happiness. My parents had gone through so much suffering in their lives, and I just wanted to be assured that they were happy.  

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Seeking God with Sister Rose: Lest We Forget…

How easy it is for me (especially during Lent, it seems) to “get down in the dumps” and stay there for a while, not able to think about all the times when I was joyful or when I felt light-hearted. And rainy days don’t help at all either!

Not wishing to stay in that mode for very long, I devised a way for me to escape and remember the good times.

Whenever something happens to me that “spurs me on,” makes me smile, or picks me up in some way, I record that experience in a journal because I don’t want to forget it.

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Seeking God with Sister Rose: Prayers for David

I remember my brother, David, every time I stop and wait in traffic for a red light to change. Now, you would be surprised how this works for me. David entered into eternal life October 14, 2016, and I was determined to remember him more in prayer, so I devised a way: Every time I need to stop for a red light in traffic, I think of David and pray, “Eternal Rest Grant Unto him, O Lord.” And that’s it!

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