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God Has a Sense of Humor

Ordained a Jesuit in 1999, James Martin is now a prolific author, magazine editor, and media commentator whose elucidations on Church teaching are sought by everyone from newsman Bill O’Reilly of Fox News to satirist Stephen Colbert on the Comedy Central cable channel.

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A Rock Critic Talks Faith

growing up Catholic “was inspiring because there was a sense of interpreting the day-to-day details and challenges of your own life as sacramental signs, and looking for spiritual challenges and spiritual opportunities in every moment.”

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In the Footsteps of Saint Kateri

For many years, American Catholics who wanted literally to follow in the footsteps of a saint had to travel to Europe. In Assisi, they could step where St. Francis did. In Ireland, they might walk the byways of St. Patrick. It wasn’t until the late-20th-century canonizations of Sister Elizabeth Ann Seton, born in New York City in 1774, and Sister Katharine Drexel, born in Philadelphia in 1858, that Americans finally had the opportunity to stay in the country when visiting places where U.S.-born saints lived and worked.

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Brett Baier’s Tale of Faith and Healing

Bret Baier, anchor of Special Report, the 6 p.m. nightly news on the FOX News Channel, isn’t averse to puns on his name. In his first book, Special Heart, released this past June, he writes about the Three Baiers: Papa Baier; Mama Baier for his wife, Amy; and Baby Baier for his son, Paul. Such plays on a word might be an unconscious wish that the family’s recent history was just a fairy tale. Instead, it involved dealing with a dark realityÑthe possibility of Baby Baier’s death.

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