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Saint Who? Richard of Lucca

A Holy Patriarch | ca. 670–ca. 725–726 • Pre-Congregation Memorial: February 7

We know little about St. Richard, a pilgrim who, St. Bede says, ruled the old British kingdom of Wessex from roughly 688 to 725. He is thought to be the grandson of Queen St. Seaxburha and the brother-in-law of St. Boniface, and his name probably wasn’t Richard but Hlothere. We also know he was married and had three children, all of whom became saints: Walburga, Wunibald, and Willibald.

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Saint Who? Romanus of Le Mans

We all know people who, if you look at their lives, aren’t “special”—they are not like Mother Teresa or some great preacher—and yet their commitment to letting Christ soak every thread in their life’s fabric is no less profound.

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Saint Who? Pietro Parenzo

Saint Pietro Parenzo • d. May 21, 1199 • Canonized: 1879 • Memorial: May 21

An hour north of Rome, beyond the dreamily bucolic countryside of Lazio and Umbria, stands the fairytale town of Orvieto. One moment all that lies before the traveler is plain. The next moment a huge rock crowned by a once impregnable fortress juts out of the ground, and it is immediately apparent why popes sought safety here in times of danger.

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