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The Pilgrim Statue of Fatima

Can you tell me anything about the pilgrim statue of Our Lady of Fatima? I’ve been to Fatima and am very interested in the statue which I see mentioned in our Catholic paper as being at various churches. What is the significance of it?

In 1967 Pope Paul VI, at Fatima, blessed several statues depicting the Blessed Virgin as she had appeared to the children of Fatima.

One of these statues was brought to Canada. It is known as the National Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Canada. This statue is taken on “pilgrimage” to different dioceses and parts of the world accompanied by Canadian Fatima Crusaders.

The presence of the statue provides the occasion for prayers and devotions as well as for publicizing the events that took place at Fatima in 1917.

Mail-order catalogs of any number of religious-article dealers will carry photos of replicas of the pilgrim statue in different sizes.

Our Lady of Fatima 3D


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