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I would like a priest or layperson to recite the Chaplet of Divine Mercy beside me as I am dying. Is this a vital preparation for one’s soul to enter heaven?

No, it is not, although it is a fine prayer. Jesus’ disciples have lived their faith and died “in the Lord” for centuries before that prayer existed. Living out the Lord’s advice to be always prepared is a more trustworthy preparation for death than hoping that someone else will pray this prayer while a friend or loved one is dying.

How can I help my 16-year-old younger sister avoid being ensnared by the lures of this world, to discern and walk in confidence about God without envy, resentment, or accepting the lies so prevalent today?

Encourage her simply to tell the truth, especially to herself—and then model that truth-telling in your own life. People most often get into trouble when they lie to themselves about what they are doing and what the likely consequences will be.

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